Friday, November 27, 2009

strawberry story & conspiracy theories.

pt. 1: strawberry story-

do you like happiness?! do you like sunshine?! do you like rainbows, sweaters, kittens, meadows, and bunnies?!

then you'll like STRAWBERRY STORY!
they're twee as fuck, but you know, i like twee. honestly they're a bit much sometimes, but some of their songs are worth being overly-drenched in tweeness for the rest.

you can download their album "clamming for it" through mediafire here.
suggested tracks: kissamatic lovebubble, i still want you, close my eyes

also, this song is so so good and you have to listen to it.

pt. 2 racism-fueled conspiracy theory.

this is completely random and has nothing to do with music. but, have you heard about that couple from virginia that crashed a party at the white house in the news recently? after seeing an article like this as the secret service notes they are "deeply concerned and embarrassed" about letting uninvited guests into the white house, doesn't it make sense that this is a publicity stunt of sorts not to promote the status of these random people, but to publicize the lack of proper security at the white house? that's what it seems like to me, it's like- assassinations, please! yeah?

pt. 3 shannon and the clams/TacocaT

i'm going to a show sunday at the black lodge that will feature bands shannon and the clams and tacocat, most notably, but also seattle bands consignment and ape city.

check them out!

ps cats + tacos + personified food in general = yes.

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