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wishing well

today's theme wuz "you pick the theme". which might appear 2 b a big ol' "fuck you" 2 my listenerz, but is indeed not.

wutz ur theme:
hour 1
hour 2

1. How the Grinch Stole Christmas (intro)- Dr. Seuss (Zero Mostel reads "How the Grinch Stole Christmas")
2. Pleasures of Love- Tom Tom Club (Close to the Bone)
3. I Wanna Love Him So Bad- The Jelly Beans (Wonder Women)
4. Love Tempo- Quando Quango (Love Tempo 12")
5. Moody- ESG (You're No Good 12")
6. Bootsy- A Certain Ratio (Force)
7. Toxic- Monsters From Mars (Surfing Through A Creepy Castle 7")
8. Change It Comes- Mink DeVille (Live at CBGB's)
9. In the Jungle- Kid Creole and the Coconuts (Fresh Fruit In Foreign Places)
10. Jungle Rock- The Weirdos (Destroy All Music)
11. Crashing Out With Lucy- Slaughter and the Dogs (Bite-Back)
12. Principles of Kimberly- Girls of the Gravitron (Magnetic Mountain)
13. Marquee Moon- Television (Marquee Moon)
14. Dream Baby Dream- Suicide (Live at Max's Kansas City 1980)
15. Love Will Tear Us Apart- Joy Division (Peel Sessions)
16. Stranger In Paradise- The Supremes (I Hear A Symphony)
17. Let's Go to Bed- The Cure (The Walk 12")
18. The Freeze- Lene Lovich (Flex)
19. Cavern- Liquid Liquid (Optimo EP)
20. Blonde Redhead- DNA (A Taste of DNA)
21. Thru the Flames- The Screamers (Demos 1977-78)
22. Monsters- Nervous Gender (Music From Hell)
23. Shikyuu- Muri Shinjuu
24. Slapdash- Kyah!
25. Adventures Close to Home- The Raincoats (The Raincoats)
26. Roadrunner- The Modern Lovers (The Modern Lovers)
27. Madonna of the Wasps- Robyn Hitchcock 'N' the Egyptians (Queen Elvis)
28. Wishing Well- The Shangri-Las (Myrmidons of Melodrama: 1964-66)
29. Can't Seem to Make You Mine- The Seeds (Can't Seem To Make You Mine 7")

i meant to play this 2day:

Thursday, February 24, 2011

the walk

would you make out with robert smith?

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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

is this music?

vinyl xplorations/xploitaions:

1. Heart of Glass- Blondie (Parallel Lines)
2. Red Light- Siouxsie & the Banshees (Kaleidoscope)
3. Is This Music?- Teenage Fanclub (Bandwagonesque)
4. Mongoloid- DEVO (Q: Are We Not Men? A: We are Devo)
5. Robot Assassins- Robot Assassins (Beneath the Planet of the Apes EP)
6. My First Love Song- Mecca Normal (Calico Killed the Cat)
7. In Praise of Limestone/Macbeth (Alt.)- W.H. Auden/Ciccone Youth (W.H. Auden Reading/The Whitey Album)
8. Too Little Too Late (Jojo cover)- Department of Eagles (No One Does It Like You 7") (file under: failed experimentz lol)
9. Down Under- Men At Work (Business As Usual)
10. Johnny Belinda (Ext. Dance Version)- Voice Farm (Johnny Belinda 12")
11. Scuba Scuba- The Revillos (Scuba Scuba 7")
12. Strobe Light- B-52s (Wild Planet)
13. Stop the World- Captain Sensible (Stop the World 12")
14. Me and Jill- Ciccone Youth (The Whitey Album)
15. Dream Baby Dream- Black Tambourine (Black Tambourine)
16. Silent Street/Silent Dub- Maximum Joy (Disco Not Disco)
17. Big Science- Laurie Anderson (Big Science)
18. Mr. X- Ultravox (Vienna EP) (file under: failed experimentz lol)
19. Respective Sides- Slow Children (Mad About Town)
20. Mind Your Own Business- Delta 5 (Mind Your Own Business 7")
21. This Love Is Fucking Right!- The Pains of Being Pure At Heart (The Pains of Being Pure At Heart)
22. Wishing Well- Love Is All (A Hundred Things Keep Me Up At Night)
23. Rip It Up- Orange Juice (Rip It Up)
24. I'm Not Myself Today- The Fresh & Onlys (Golden Triangle/The Fresh & Onlys Split 7")

listen here then here.

this actually sounds like:

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Monday, February 14, 2011

happy vd.

hope you didn't get one.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Girls Want To Be With the Girls

another week of the banshee beat --this week, i slew the alphabet one letter at a time:

1. And It's True- The Ohio Express (Beg, Borrow and Steal)
2. Baby It's You- The Shirelles (Baby It's You)
3. Binary- Kazino (Around My Dream 7")
4. Cancer- No Trend (Mass-Sterilization 12")
5. Davey Crockett- The Traditional Fools (The Traditional Fools)
6. Empty Particles- A Frames (A Frames)
7. Figures- Absolute Body Control (Figures)
8. The Girls Want To Be With the Girls- Talking Heads (More Songs About Buildings and Food)
9. Hurtin' All Over- The Pleazers (Hurtin' All Over 7")
10. I Wanna Destroy You- The Soft Boys (I Wanna Destroy 7")
11. Johnny, Are You Queer?- Josie Cotton (Johnny, Are You Queer? 7")
12. Just Not Ready- The Exciters (The Ultimate Collection)
13. Kiss the Book- The Pop Group (We Are Time)
14. Launderette- Vivien Goldman (Private Armies 12")
15. Mermaid Love- Man Or Astro-man? (Is It... Man or Astro-man?)
16. Meshkalina- Traffic Sound (Back to Peru)
17. Never Understand (Alternate Version)- The Jesus & Mary Chain (B-Sides and Rarities)
18. On My Mind- Marine Girls (On My Mind 7")
19. Pocket Pool- Killer Pussy (Bikini Wax)
20. Quite A Reputation- The Chymes (Girls In the Garage Vol. 1)
21. Rabbits Make Love- Milk 'n Cookies (Milk 'n Cookies)
22. Something I Could Do- The Canoise
23. A Song of Deep Hate- Hagar the Womb (Funnery In A Nunnery 12")
24. Thumbs Off- The Clean (Odditties)
25. Traditionally Yours- Toxic Waste (Belfast)
26. Unfinished Business- Au Pairs (Playing With A Different Sex)
27. Unhappy Days- 14 Iced Bears (Come Get Me 7")
28. Vertigo- The Screamers (Demos 1977-78)
29. War- Zounds (War/Subvert 7")
30. The Witch- The Sonics (Here Are the Sonics)
31. X Offender- Blondie (X Offender 7")
32. You Drive Me Ape (You Big Gorilla)-The Dickies (The Incredible Shrinking Dickies)
33. Zooom- The Pastels (Sittin' Pretty)\

hour one
hour two

indie pop videos from the 80's = actually kind of pathetic.

also, shameless self-promotion: i am playing saxophone in a band called WAMU, which you will actually have to see to believe. it is chaotic free-form apocalypse, or something like that. think fake lightning bolt meets fake the shaggs. with members of my printer broke. lucky for you, you can catch our first show next saturday, february 19th at the black lodge in eastlake with arrington de dionyso, stickers, and mountainss-- here is the facebook event if you're into that sort of thing. be there or i'll turn into a cyclops, for real.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

the world is a drag

the banshee beat #12:

listen under "saturday 2-4" at rainy dawg radio

1. Be Stiff (Stiff Version)- DEVO (Be Stiff EP)
2. Navvy- Pere Ubu (Dub Housing)
3. Rom Pack- Caballo Tripode (Horror Vaccui)
4. That's Your Way Out- The Pandoras (Stop Pretending)
5. You Don't Love Me- Black Time (Ty Segall/Black Time Split 12")
6. Baby Doll- Teenage Jesus & the Jerks (Everything)
7. Eget Liv- Extrem Exem (Eget Liv 7")
8. Godzilla- Mother's Ruin (Godzilla EP)
9. Violence Grows- Fatal Microbes (Violence Grows EP)
10. Soldiers of A Pure War- Mydolls (Cottage Cheese From the Lips of Death)
11. On the Seventh Day- Fat Tulips (Take Me Back to Heaven 7")
12. Lee Remick- The Go-Betweens (Lee Remick 7")
13. Silly- Go Sailor (Go Sailor)
14. We've Got History- Pants Yell! (Recent Drama)
15. Armchair Observer- Hagar the Womb (Funnery In A Nunnery)
16. The Beat (sorta)- ESG (Come Away With ESG)
17. I Wanna Be A Man- Teddy and the Frat Girls (I Wanna Be A Man EP)
18. The Once Over Twice- X (Wild Gift)
19. I Am A Cliche- X-Ray Spex (Germfree Adolescents)
20. Cum On Baby- The Trashwomen (Spend the Night With... The Trashwomen)
21. The World Is A Drag- The Intelligence (Boredom and Terror)
22. Strychnine- The Sonics (Here Are the Sonics)
23. Davey Crockett- Thee Headcoatees (Sisters of Suave)
24. Nothing's Changed- The Zombies (Absolutely the Best)
25. Crying Shame- The Blanche Hudson Weekend (The Letters to Daddy EP)
26. I Can't Stay- Vivian Girls (I Can't Stay 7")
27. In the Beginning- Eternal Summers (Eternal Summers EP)
28. Music Is A Better Noise- Essential Logic (Music Is A Better Noise 7")
29. I Cry- Pink Military (Blood & Lipstick 12")
30. Drive-In Saturday- David Bowie (Aladdin Sane)
31. Hong Kong Garden- Siouxsie and the Banshees (Hong Kong Garden 7")
32. Bikini Wax- Killer Pussy (Bikini Wax)
33. Jack Kerouac- Gang 90 (The Sexual Life of the Savages: Underground Post-Punk from Sao Paulo, Brasil)
34. Raised Eyebrows- The Feelies (Crazy Rhythms)

a prettier, less devastating lp version of "i cry":

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