Saturday, May 28, 2011

it's kinda funny

the very last episode of the banshee beat graced the internet's airwaves today--
you can catch it here & here.

1. How Pretty Can You Get?- The Shangri-Las (Myrmidons of Melodrama: 1964-66)
2. I Heard It Through the Grapevine- The Slits (Cut)
3. Feels Like Snakes Twisting Through the Fog- LiLiPUT (LiLiPUT)
4. Girl on the Run- Honey Bane (You Can Be You 7")
5. Warm Girls- Girls At Our Best! (Pleasure)
6. See the Keyhole- Ludus (Riding the Rag)
8. Warm- Family Fodder (Warm 7")
9. Moth- Visitors (Electric Heat 7")
10. Silicon Carne- The Monochrome Set (He's Frank [Slight Return] 7"}
11. Love At First Sight (Demo Version)- The Gist (Love At First Sight 7")
12. Lee Remick- The Go-Betweens (Lee Remick 7")
13. White Mice- The Mo-Dettes (White Mice 7")
14. Black Hole- Urinals (Negativity Capability... Check It Out!!)
15. Wot!- Captain Sensible (Wot! 7")
16. Dance This Mess Around- B-52's (B-52's)
17. Damaged Goods- Gang of Four (Damaged Goods EP)
18. Blonde Redhead- DNA (A Taste of DNA)
19. Baby's On Fire- Absolute Body Control (Absolute Body Control)
20. 5 8 6- New Order (Power, Corruption, and Lies)
21. Enola Gay- Orchestral Manouevres in the Dark (Enola Gay 7")
22. He's So Fine- The Chiffons (He's So Fine 7")
23. I Could Be Happy- Altered Images (I Could Be Happy 7")
24. Chains- The Cookies (Chains 7")
25. Cool- Pylon (Gyrate)
26. Into the Groov(e)y- Ciccone Youth (Into the Groov(e)y/ Burnin' Up 7")
27. I Wanna Sleep In Your Arms- The Modern Lovers (The Modern Lovers)
28. Cheree- Suicide (Suicide: The First Album)
29. Sci-Fi Guy- Strawberry Story (Sci-Fi Guy 7")
30. Boy- Kyah!(Slapdash 7")
31. Wacky Acky I Aye- The Donkeys (Television Anarchy)
32. Janitor- Suburban Lawns (Suburban Lawns)
33. Kooks- David Bowie (Hunky Dory)


i may continue to cross-post onto this blog from my new tumblr, but more than likely (due to lack of technological savvy), this blog is dead. :'( you should check out my radio show "the secret meaning of things" at hollow earth radio fridays 1-3 pm !

Saturday, May 21, 2011

i want to order a pelican

why is bjork so epic even when she is 16?
find this soundtrack, listen to it.

today's theme was "underrepresented emotions"--
listen here and then here.

1. So Far So Real- Gray (No New York Soundtrack)
2. Joey- Snatch (Shopping For Clothes EP)
3. Gut Feeling- Bohonian Plimquins (Devotees [Tribute to Devo])
4. February 14th- Huggy Bear (Our Troubled Youth)
5. Beautiful Food- Y Pants (Y Pants 7")
6. Watch Who They Beat, Watch Who They Eat- The Cranium (A New Music For A New Kitchen)
7. Suicide Child- The Nuns (The Nuns)
8. Kung Fu Cowboy- Alan Vega (Alan Vega)
9. Cry- The Birthday Party (Prayers on Fire)
10. Swamp Thing- The Chameleons UK (Strange Times)
11. (My Baby Does) Good Sculptures- The Rezillos ([My Baby Does] Good Sculptures 7")
12. Rhythm Inside- Athletico Spizz 80 (Do A Runner)
13. The Order Form (I Want to Order A Pelican)- Essential Logic (Beat Rhythm News)
14. From the Cradle to the Grave- Crispy Ambulance (From the Cradle to the Grave 7")
15. Supercrush- Tiger Trap (Supercrush 7")
16. The Best Part of Being With You- The Groove Farm (Surfin' In the Subway Comp)
17. And Then Suddenly- The Bartlebees (Urban Folk Legends)
18. I Fell In Love Last Night- Heavenly (I Fell In Love Last Night 7")
19. Together Forever In Love- Go Sailor (Go Sailor)
20. That's the End of That- Trixie's Big Red Motorbike (That's the End of That/ As Soon As She's Gone Split 7")
21. Never Say Never- Romeo Void (Benefactor)
22. Bored Housewives- Androids of Mu (Blood Robots EP)
23. I Owe It To the Girls- Teddy and the Frat Girls (I Wanna Be A Man EP)
24. Daddy's Lil Girl- Bikini Kill (Revolution Girl Style Now! Demo)
25. Eat the Rich- Morbid Opera (We Can't Help It If We're From Florida)
26. Shangri-La- Nightmares In Wax (Nightmares In Wax 12")
27. Gonna Get You- Q4U (Skaf I Dag)
28. Don't Want To Be Happy- James Chance & the Contortions (Buy)
29. Walking on Thin Ice- Yoko Ono (Disco Not Disco)
30. Person to Person- The (Hypothetical) Prophets (So Young But So Cold: Underground French Music 1977-1983)
31. Tracks- Gary Numan (The Pleasure Principle)
32. The Garden of Earthly Delights- The United States of America (The United States of America)
33. Launderette- Vivien Goldman (Private Armies 12")


Saturday, May 14, 2011

off the hook

today on the banshee beat i brought in DJ lil' Lil-- a music writer for and my buddy-- and we shook things up in the studio for a while:

1. We Don't Need This Fascist Groove Thang- The Fire Engines (Fond)
2. Off the Hook- Y Pants (Y Pants 7")
3. Headache for Michelle- Au Pairs (Playing With A Different Sex)
4. Feels Like Snakes Twisting Through Fog- LiLiPUT (LiLiPUT)
5. Nature Lover- Shop Assistants (Shop Assistants)
6. Million Things- All Girl Summer Fun Band (2)
7. Three-Way- The Magnetic Fields (Distortion)
8. Electric Guitar- Talking Heads (Life During Wartime 7")
9. Hounds of Love- Kate Bush (Hounds of Love)
10. Jeepster- T. Rex (Electric Warrior)
11. Bus Stop- The Hollies (Bus Stop 7")
12. Play With Fire- The Rolling Stones (Out of Our Heads)
13. Tampax In the Cunt- Tampax (Hitler SS/Tampax 7")
14. Walkin' the Beat- The Nuns (The Nuns)
15. I Was A Teenage Werewolf- The Cramps (Songs The Lord Taught Us)
16. Redondo Beach- Patti Smith (Horses)
17. Baby Baby- The Vibrators (Pure Mania)
18. We Are the Only Animals- Nodzzz (I Don't Wanna [Smoke Marijuana] 7")
19. Shoot the Moon- The Cat's Miaow (Stereolab/ The Cat's Miaow 7")
20. Been Here Before- La Sera (La Sera)
21. Much Too Much- The Smithereens (Beauty & Sadness EP)
22. Just Let Me Cry- Lesley Gore (Judy's Turn to Cry 7")
23. Humming Bird- The Chordettes (Harmony Encores)
24. Another Day- Paul McCartney (Ram)
25. N'Importe Quel Soir- Taxi Girl (Seppuku)
26. Kiss- Age of Chance (Kiss 7")
27. Aqua Girl Star- Huggy Bear (Our Troubled Youth)
28. The Once Over Twice- X (Wild Gift)
29. Sea Song- Penetration (Our World 7")
30. Rid of Me- PJ Harvey (Rid of Me)
31. Burnblack- Hole (Dicknail 7")
32. Your Flesh Is So Nice- Jeff Buckley (Sketches [For My Sweetheart the Drunk])
33. Great Balls of Fire- The Misfits (Project 1950)
34. Memphis, Tennessee- Silicon Teens (Music for Parties)
35. I'm Alright With You- The Pastels (I'm Alright With You 7")

also: the banshee beat has had a good run this year, but there are only a few more episodes left in store! my time at the university of washington is coming to an end (HOLY SHIT FINALLY YES) and with it this radio show will also end. however! it's not goodbye forever-- i just started a radio show at hollow earth radio called The Secret Meaning of Things which you can learn more about here. side note: the playlist shown isn't totally representative of the content, because it only registers tracks of a particular length (30 seconds+ i think?). anyway, that means i will be transferring over to tumblr for all blogging-- which you can check out here . the banshee beat lives forever in yr hearts!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

are you really on drugs

today on the banshee beat, EVERYONE GOT FUKKED UP.
peer pressure! listen here, then here. no one will like you if you don't.

1. Lust for Life- Iggy Pop (Lust for Life)
2. Moist Vagina (Nirvana cover)- Sonic Youth (Sunday 7")
3. Strawberry Wine- My Bloody Valentine (Strawberry Wine EP)
4. Psychedelic Holiday- Television Personalities (They Could Have Been Bigger than the Beatles)
5. Are You Really On Drugs- The Clean (Mister Pop)
6. Serious Drugs- BMX Bandits (Serious Drugs 7")
7. Feel So Good- Spacemen 3 (Taking Drugs to Make Music to Take Drugs to)
8. Up Too High ('83 Demo)- The Jesus and Mary Chain (The Power of Negative Thinking: B-Sides & Rarities)
9. Graveyard Drug Party- Thee Oh Sees (The Master's Bedroom Is Worth Spending A Night In)
10. Drugstore Logic- Saccharine Trust (We Became Snakes)
11. Drug Me- Dead Kennedys (Fresh Fruit For Rotting Vegetables)
12. Stoned In the City- Heavy Times (Fast Night)
13. Drug Zoo- GG King (Drug Zoo 7")
14. Won't Come Down- Perpetual Motion Workshop (Psychedelic Disaster Whirl Vol. 1)
15. This World Ain't Gettin' Me High- Matt K. Shrugg (Gone Ashtray)
16. Get Yourself Together- Henry's Dress (Bust 'Em Green)
17. High In the Cinema- PENS (Hey Friend! What You Doing)
18. She Was Tall, She Was High- The Pretty Things (Parachute)
19. Trippin' Out- Something Wild (Psychedelic Disaster Whirl Vol. 3)
20. High Bugs- Wizzard Sleeve (Make the World Go Away)
21. Drinking Wine Spodyody- Pere Ubu (Dub Housing)
22. 2 Much Cocaine- Mean Jeans (Are You Serious)
23. Keep It Clean- The Vibrators (Pure Mania)
24. Now I Wanna Sniff Some Glue- The Ramones (The Ramones)
25. Messed Up Mixed Up- Sado-Nation (We're Not Equal)
26. Never Comes Down- Neo Boys (Neo Boys 7")
27. Never Let Me Down Again- Depeche Mode (Music For the Masses)
28. Ecstasy- New Order (Power, Corruption, and Lies)
29. Love Is the Drug- Grace Jones (Love Is the Drug 7")
30. Addicted to Love- Ciccone Youth (The Whitey Album)
31. Strychnine- The Sonics (Here Are the Sonics)
32. My Baby Takes Valium- Family Fodder (Playing Golf [With My Flesh Crawling] 7")

She has a moist vagina
I particularly enjoy the circumference
I've been sucking the warts of her anus
Of her anus
I prefer her to any other

She had a moist vagina
I prefer her to any other

Friday, May 6, 2011

love is the drug

grace jones/ love is the drug 7"/ island records/ 1986:

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

wooly bully

sam the sham and the pharoahs/ wooly bully 7"/ 1965:

"The lyrics were so hard to understand that some radio stations banned the song."

Monday, May 2, 2011

a place in the sun

marine girls/ lazy ways lp/ cherry red records/ 1983: