Thursday, December 23, 2010

is there an exit?

I have been hard at work sifting through the year in reissues (R thousandz 4 real) to bring you the most mega dope reissue offerings of the year. Reissues that you missed, reissues that you didn't (YEAH RIGHT), reissues to make your heart (&ears) soar.

Until this fine day of LIST UNVEIL arrives, you should investigate this track from a band that may (OR MAY NOT) make the cut. It's pretty damn, grrrl, if ya know what I mean. (and you don't)

Saturday, December 11, 2010

shadow of a doubt

This week's episode of THE BANSHEE BEAT saw the theme of frustration-- inspired by finals week and maybe even the song "Frustration" by Family Fodder, which I played last week. Maybe even other inspirations.

Listen to the stream anytime until next Saturday at!


1. High Pressure Days- The Units (History of the Units: The Early Years 1977-1983)
2. Anything- Suburban Lawns (Suburban Lawns)
3. I Could Be Happy- Altered Images (Pinky Blue)
4. White & Green Place (12")- Maximum Joy (Unlimited 1979-1983)
5. Smittad- Mizz Nobody (Smittad 7")
6. Is There Life After Breakfast?- Los Microwaves (Life After Breakfast)
7. Being Boiled (Original Single Version)- The Human League (Being Boiled 7")
8. Nag Nag Nag- Cabaret Voltaire (Nag Nag Nag 7")
9. Egyptian Reggae- Jonathan Richman (Egyptian Reggae 7")
10. Hate to Say I Told You So- The Shangri-Las (1964-1966: Myrmidons of Melodrama)
11. Cool Frenesie- Les Rita Mitsouko (Best of Les Rita Mitsouko)
12. Little Trouble Girl- Sonic Youth (Washing Machine)
13. Every Day- Buddy Holly (Greatest Hits)
14. Why Do Fools Fall In Love?- Frankie Lymon and the Teenagers (Why Do Fools Fall In Love? 7")
15. Hungry- Lil' Daggers (King Corpse 7")
16. We Go On- The Shivas (Freezing to Death)
17. Dystopic Vision- Fungi Girls (Seafaring Pyramids)
18. Blind Muslim Girl- Fergus & Geronimo (Swallow This Turd)
19. Absolutely Anything- Brilliant Colors (Introducing)
20. Nervous Energy- Unwound (Fake Train)
21. Edith Nylon- Edith Nylon (Edith Nylon)
22. Allergy- The Petticoats (The Petticoats 7")
23. Human Fly- The Cramps (Human Fly 7")
24. Neon Noose- Golden Triangle (Double Jointer)
25. Hotel Bloedel- The Fall (Perverted By Language)
26. Adult Books- X (Adult Books 7")
27. Where Did Our Love Go?- The Supremes (Where Did Our Love Go? 7")
28. This Is Love- The Gist (This Is Love 7")
29. Shadow Of A Doubt- Sonic Youth (Evol)
30. The Past Between Us- An Experiment On A Bird In the Air Pump (These Sins EP)
31. The Survivor- St. Vitus Dancers (Bullshit Detector Vol. 2)
32. Marin- Inflatable Boy Clams (Inflatable Boy Clams EP)
33. Turning Japanese- The Vapors (New Clear Days)


Saturday, December 4, 2010

soft as snow (but warm inside)

Hi guys!

Today's show explored the theme of decomposition... in reference to processes of weathering (ie. snow/rain/ice/melting) and in the broader sense of the word. (what does this mean? listen to find out!) Nostalgia (though this is inherently a weekly theme by virtue of the content of my show) was also very crucial this week, and I played bands that I have personal nostalgic value for (ie. The Gerbils, Electrelane) and songs that had nostalgia for subject matter or was sonically represented (ie. "Say Hello, Wave Goodbye", "Cowboy", "All Day Long").

You can catch my show from 2-4 PM live or stream the previous week's show anytime at the rainydawg radio website!

(Bear with the stream for the first few minutes...)

explore erosion:

1. Cowboy- The Units (History of the Units: The Early Years 1977-1983)
2. Super Tap- Japanther (Dump the Body In Rikki Lake)
3. Soft As Snow (But Warm Inside)- My Bloody Valentine (Isn't Anything)
4. Let It Melt- The Mayfair Set (Young One)
5. Thirsty Again- Grass Widow (Grass Widow EP)
6. Winter Seems Fine- Dolly Mixture (Demonstration Tapes)
7. Warm Hands, Cold Heart- Girls Names (Girls Names EP)
8. Cold Hands- Pants Yell! (Received Pronunciation)
9. Cold Heart- The Jasmine Minks (Cold Heart 7")
10. Long Cold Lonely Night- The Yolks (The Yolks)
11. Block of Ice- Thee Oh Sees (The Master's Bedroom Is Worth Spending A Night In)
12. Ice Drummer- Alan Vega (Jukebox Babe/Collision Drive)
13. Cold- The Cure (Pornography)
14. Living In the Ice Age- Warsaw (Warsaw)
15. Warm Moving Bodies- The Units (History of the Units: The Early Years 1977-1983)
16. So Young But So Cold- Kas Product (So Young But So Cold: Underground French Music 1977-1983)
17. Winter '94- Henry's Dress (Bust 'Em Green)
18. Fluid- The Gerbils (Are You Sleepy?)
19. Frustration- Family Fodder (Coral 7")
20. No Hope- The Vaselines (The Way of the Vaselines)
21. Void- The Raincoats (The Raincoats)
22. Snowgirl- The Pop Group (Y)
23. All Day Long (Long Version)- Shop Assistants (Will Anything Happen?)
24. Drown- Black Tambourine (Black Tambourine)
25. Cut and Run- Electrelane (No Shouts, No Calls)
26. Say Hello, Wave Goodbye (12" version) (edit)- Soft Cell (Say Hello, Wave Goodbye 12")
27. Nothing's Changed- The Zombies (Absolutely the Best)
28. The Love We Could've Had- Rocketship (Singles 1993-96)
29. Atlantis- Box Elders (Alice & Friends)
30. Tous Les Garcons et Les Filles- Francoise Hardy (The Vogue Years)

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Sunshine, lollipops, and rainbows!

a great success! listen here under "Saturday 2-4 PM" so you can agree for yourself.

1. Beelzebub- Even As We Speak (Feral Pop Frenzy)
2. He's So Fine- The Chiffons (Absolutely the Best)
3. Wacky Acky I Aye- The Donkeys (Television Anarchy)
4. Sounds of Silence- The Dickies (Greatest Hits)
5. I Wanna Hurt- The Screamers (Demos 1977-1978)
6. Dynamite- The dB's (Stands for Decibels)
7. Yo-Yo- Pylon (Chomp More)
8. The Horror of Party Beach (Demo)- Razorcuts (R Is For... Razorcuts)
9. Foxy Boy- The Pooh Sticks (Multiple Orgasm)
10. My World's Ending- Talulah Gosh (Backwash)
11. I'm Still Crying- Go Sailor (Go Sailor)
12. A Thing of the Past- The Shirelles (Baby It's You)
13. Never Say Goodbye- My Bloody Valentine (Ecstasy and Wine)
14. Only Snow- The Blanche Hudson Weekend (The Rats in the Cellar 7")
15. Kavaliere- Die Todliche Doris (Kinderringellreihen Für Wahren Toren Des Grals)
16. All Shook Up- The Fresh and Onlys (Play It Strange)
17. Choirboys Gas- Bad Dream Fancy Dress (Choirboys Gas)
18. You Know What I Mean- The Vernons Girls (We Love the Vernons Girls)
19. Been Teen- The Dolly Mixture (Been Teen 7")
20. Albert Parker- Go Gappas (El Records: The Legendary B-Sides)
21. I'm Up Here- Jesse Garon & the Desperadoes (The Rain Fell Down 7")
22. See Me Feel- The Charlottes (Liar EP)
23. Shake the Shackles- Crystal Stilts (Shake the Shackles 7")
24. I Saw You Dance- The Mekons (The Quality of Mercy Is Not Strength)
25. Part-Time Punks- The Television Personalities (Where's Bill Grundy Now? EP)
26. Sneaky Pete- Lou Reed & the Primitives (Lou Reed & the Primitives 7")
27. Goo Goo Muck- The Cramps (Goo Goo Muck 7")
28. I Just Wanna Make Love to You- Thee Mighty Caesars (Caesar's Remains)
29. I'm Dead- The Liminanas (I'm Dead 7")
30. Paralyze- Sex Church (209 7")
31. Kerb Crawler- Au Pairs (Playing With A Different Sex)
32. Cuticles- Househunters (53rd and 3rd: Fun While It Lasted...)
33. Sunshine, Lollipops, and Rainbows- Lesley Gore (Golden Hits of Lesley Gore)
34. Turquoise- Gaze (Mitsumeru)
35. Falling and Laughing- Orange Juice (You Can't Hide Your Love Forever)

ps. this video is nostalgia personified.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Gyrate, plus.

If I do one more show with something going horribly wrong, I might explode. The music, at least, this time, went smoothly. But, I was using the wrong mic-- it was my fault, but I really hope that next time will be free of jarring difficulties. I would reaaally like to have one successful show this quarter. I would recommend at least listening for the ultra-rad tunes, yeaaaah! rainydawg radio.

1. Cool- Pylon (Gyrate Plus)
2. Where's the Boy For Me?- The Revillos (Rev Up)
3. Fa Ce-La- The Feelies (Crazy Rhythms)
4. Toutes Les Nuits- Les Calamites (Toutes Les Nuits 7")
5. Marie France- La Souris Deglinguee
6. Chains- The Cookies (The Complete Cookies)
7. Love Grows (Where My Rosemary Grows)- The Siddeleys (Alvin Lives: Live in Leeds)
8. You're Gonna Miss Me (13th Floor Elevators)- Tom Thumb (Wild Things: Wyld Kiwi Garage 1966-1969)
9. Tookie Tookie- Telegraph Avenue (Back to Peru)
10. Fucked On Ketamine- Demon's Claws (Fucked On Ketamine 7")
11. The Ghost with the Most- The Almighty Defenders (The Almighty Defenders)
12. Do You Wanna Be My Girl?- The Unwed Teenage Mothers (Blonde Girls)
13. Harder Than It's Ever Been- Fergus & Geronimo (Harder Than It's Ever Been 7")
14. Christians Drive Like Shit- John Wesley Coleman (Bad Lady Goes to Jail)
15. I Said- Moonhearts (Moonhearts)
16. The World Is A Drag- The Intelligence (Boredom and Terror)
17. You Are A Drag- Matt K. Shrugg (Gone Ashtray)
18. I Wanna Sleep In Your Arms- The Modern Lovers (The Modern Lovers)
19. Johnny- Suicide (Suicide: The First Album)
20. 5 8 6 (edit)- New Order (Power, Corruption, and Lies)
21. Me Untamed- Beat Happening (Dreamy)
22. Thee Only One- Frankie Rose (Thee Only One)
23. Teenage Death Song- The Sunday Reeds (Drowning In History)
24. Desert Kisses- Siouxsie and the Banshees (Kaleidoscope)
25. The Code of Life- Y Pants (Beat It Down)
26. Night Comes Down- Wetdog (Frauhaus!)
27. Chronic Alkie- Wilma & the Wilburs (Chronic Alkie 7")
28. Oblivion- Oblivions (Oblivions/Andre Ethier 7")
29. Clubnite- Teddy and the Frat Girls (I Wanna Be A Man 12")
30. Go Away Girl- Urinals (Negative Capability... Check It Out!)
31. Cadets- Trash Kit (Trash Kit)
32. Shut the Fuck Up- The Coathangers (The Coathangers)
33. Untitled- Sex Hair (Live @ The Hoot House 11/11/10)
34. Untitled- Pony Time (Live @ The Hoot House 11/11/10)
35. Black Engineer- Read (Read)
36. Pop Loser- Velocity Girl (Copacetic)
37. Beachy Head- Veronica Falls (Beachy Head 7")
38. China Blue- Girls At Our Best! (Pleasure)
39. Snakes Crawl- Bush Tetras (Boom In the Night)

Saturday, November 6, 2010

I like the taste of straight strychnine!

THE BANSHEE BEAT, episode four.

Notes: When listening to the stream (which you can access anytime at rainydawg radio), please disregard the first approx. five minutes, that is not my doing!! I would never play whatever that was, srsly. The clock in the station was crazy and I had no idea what time it actually was or what was going to be at "2:00" in the archive. Also, LOVE THE CONTINUED TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES. Sorry. You may note that only one channel was working for most of my show, so I don't recommend listening on headphones unless you want to get really irritated. Still worth listening though, I swear!

1. White Mice- The Mo-Dettes (White Mice 7")
2. It's Obvious- Au Pairs (Playing With A Different Sex)
3. Mind Your Own Business- Delta 5 (Singles and Sessions 1979-1981)
4. What Do You Take Me For- Y Pants (Beat It Down)
5. Cherry Cherry- The Fizzbombs (Surfin' Winter 12")
6. Negative Push- The Manhattan Love Suicides (The Manhattan Love Suicides)
7. Youth Haunts- Weekend (Sports)
8. Simian- The Gist (Embrace the Herd)
9. Nostalgia- Penetration (Moving Targets)
10. Time to Get Up- Los Microwaves (Time to Get Up 7")
11. The Laughing Policeman- The Suspicions (Laughing Policeman 7")
12. (Love Is Like A) Heat Wave- Martha Reeves and the Vandellas (Heat Wave)
13. Gimme Gimme- Nikki and the Corvettes (Nikki and the Corvettes)
14. Let's Go Steady- Dow Jones and the Industrials (Dow Jones and the Industrials 7")
15. Hey!- Home Blitz (Home Blitz)
16. A Girl Like You- The Mummies (Death By Unga Bunga!!)
17. Unreleased- Robot Assassins
18. Strychnine- Thee Headcoatees (Sisters of Suave)
19. Big in Japan- Big in Japan (Brutality, Religion, and A Dance Beat 7")
20. Cheree- Suicide (Suicide: The First Album)
21. Loose- The Birthday Party/Lydia Lunch (Drunk On the Pope's Blood)
22. Delicate Genius Backstage- Dan Melchior und Das Menace (Split 7" w/The Fresh and Onlys)
23. Prison Planet- RHOMBU$ (No Fancy Girlfriends EP)
24. Girlfriend- Ty Segall (Melted)
25. Never Together- Jeffrey Novak (After the Ball)
26. Unemployment Forever- Meth Teeth (Bus Rides 7")
27. Reunion Psicodelica- Los Holy's (Suena Sicodelico)
28. You Don't Know- 13th Floor Elevators (The Psychedelic Sounds of the 13th Elevators)
29. Runaway- Del Shannon (Runaway 7")
30. Hey Little Girl- Idle Times (Idle Times)
31. It's the Only Time- The Girls At Dawn (The Girls At Dawn)
32. All Things Come to Pass- The Babies (All Things Come to Pass 7")
33. Draft Riot- The Del-Byzanteens (Lies to Live By)
34. Sci-Fi Guy- Strawberry Story (Sci-Fi Guy 7")

Saturday, October 30, 2010

I hate danger, I like fucking!

Here is the playlist for the 3rd episode of my new radio show, the namesake of this blog, THE BANSHEE BEAT. You can tune into the stream at but note the strange technical issues (I still don't know exactly what was wrong) which prevented my voice from reaching you! Lame. But the music is not!

1. Captain Of Your Ship- Reparata and the Delrons
2. Kerdja Kami- Dara Puspita (a Go GO...)
3. Aku Rindu- Koes Bersaudara (Meraju Kalbu)
4. Time Sucker- Mind Spiders (Mind Spiders 7")
5. Happy All the Time- The Flatmates (Love and Death)
6. Glad All Over- The Rezillos (Can't Stand the Rezillos)
7. Tour Heart Throb- All Girl Summer Fun Band (2)
8. Back to the Sea- The Sandwitches (How to Make Ambient Sadcake)
9. Albert- Essential Logic (Beat Rhythm News)
10. Moody (Spaced Out)- ESG (Come Away with ESG)
11. Stretch (99 Records Version)- Maximum Joy (Unlimited 1979-1983)
12. Private Armies- Vivien Goldman (Private Armies 12")
13. Eugenic Device- Creation Rebel and New Age Steppers (Threat to Creation)
14. Spend, Spend, Spend- The Slits (Cut)
15. No Looking- The Raincoats (The Raincoats)
16. Warrior- The Bitters (Wooden Glove 12")
17. Out of Control- Catatonic Youth (Piss Scene)
18. Handlebars- The Desperate Bicycles (Smokescreen 7")
19. Anti-Social Disease- Sick Things (Sick Things EP)
20. On Language- Julie Ruin (Julie Ruin)
21. Sally Ain't Nobody- PENS (Hey Friend, What You Doing?)
22. Inquiry Perpetrated- Thee Oh Sees (Thee Oh Sees/The Intelligence 12")
23. I Hate Danger- Bikini Kill (I Like Fucking 7")
24. Cry Aye Aye Aye- Shannon and the Clams (I Wanna Go Home)
25. Incense and Peppermints- Strawberry Alarm Clock (Incense and Peppermints)
26. Instant Heartache- The Cobras (Big Beat 7")
27. Safety Net- Shop Assistants (John Peel Festive 50- 1986)
28. Been Hiding- The Aislers Set (Last Match)
29. Tschik-Mo- Liliput (Liliput)
30. Saboten- Shonen Knife (Minna Tanoshiku)
31. You Killed A Boy For Me- Henry's Dress (Henry's Dress)
32. In My Memory- Beat Happening (Beat Happening)
33. Tilt-A-Whirl- Glo-Worm (Glimmer)
34. Iambic Pentameter- The Gist (Embrace the Herd)
35. Be My Baby- The Ronettes (Best of the Ronettes)

Saturday, October 23, 2010

R.I.P. Ari-Up

Frontwoman for the Slits, Arianna Forster aka "Ari-Up" died of cancer on Wednesday, October 20th...


As some poster on a blog put it, "u so punk rock gurl".

I heard it through the grapevine...

Whoa, here's the tracklist for THE BANSHEE BEAT show number two, which you can catch all this week for stream at rainydawg radio!

1. Oh Bondage Up Yours!- X-Ray Spex (Germfree Adolescents)
2. Tie Me Up- The Gizmos (Never Mind the Sex Pistols Here's the Gizmos)
3. Out of Line- Bobby Ubangi (Inside the Mind of Bobby Ubangi)
4. Casablanca- So Cow (So Cow)
5. My Chinchilla- Cub (Betti-Cola)
6. Tiny Sioux- Box Elders (Tiny Sioux 7")
7. Loog- The Clean (Mister Pop)
8. High Expectation- Stereolab (Switched On)
9. Show Me- Dislocation Dance (Midnight Shift)
10. Seikkaluun- Black Sunday (Swallow This Turd)
11. Staring At the Ceiling (Single version)- Slow Children (Slow Children)
12. Tinkertoy Tomorrow- Milk 'N Cookies (Milk 'N Cookies)
13. Wishing Well- The Shangri-Las (1964-1966- Myrmidons of Melodrama)
14. Blue Genes- The Champagne Socialists (Blue Genes 7")
15. Lazy Heart- Black Tambourine (Black Tambourine)
16. Surfin' Away- Vivian Girls (Surfin' Away 7")
17. Pterodactyl Meltdown- Wizzard Sleeve (Make the World Go Away)
18. I Feel Like Giving In- The Delmonas (Delmonas 5 & the Delmonas)
19. Something Else- The Nobles (Psychedelic Unknowns Vol. 2)
20. Decipher- Nice Face (Immer Itwas)
21. Moving Forward- The Death Set (Worldwide)
22. Tonight- The Spits (Vol. IV)
23. All I Give- The Hipshakes (Cococoma/Hipshakes 7")
24. If You Want Me- Indian Wars (Demo)
25. Love So Estranged- Rocketship (Singles 1993-96)
26. China Girl- Iggy Pop (w/David Bowie Mantra 1977)
27. Can't Seem to Make You Mine- The Seeds (The Seeds)
28. Dead West- Moon Duo (Killing Time EP)
29. Flying Saucer Safari- Suburban Lawns (Suburban Lawns)
30. Where's Captain Kirk?- Spizzenergi (Where's Captain Kirk? 7")
31. Not Moving- D.N.A. (No New York)
32. Flying Turns- Crash Course in Science (Signals From Pier Thirteen 12")
33. That's the Way Boys Are- Y Pants (Beat It Down)
34. I Heard It Through the Grapevine- The Slits (Cut)
35. Black Hole- Urinals (Negative Capability... Check It Out!)
36. I Had Too Much to Dream (Last Night)- The Electric Prunes (The Electric Prunes)

Sunday, October 17, 2010

oh my genitals!

This blog will now function as the companion to my new radio show, called THE BANSHEE BEAT!

Hopefully this will inspire me to update more, also... but anyway, here's the latest playlist for my show! I hope to figure out how to archive it in downloadable form soon, but until I can, you can catch the stream for this show until the next broadcast (Saturdays 2-4 PM!) at! (DSKLMR though: While my playlist kicked a lot of ass this past week, my technology skills did not. I was using the wrong mic for the first half of the show, so ignore the awkward silences. Whoops!)

1. Janitor-Suburban Lawns (Suburban Lawns)
2. Popcorn Boy- Essential Logic (Beat Rhythm News)
3. Hank Williams Is Dead- Jesse Garon & the Desperadoes (Janice Long 8.10.1986)
4. Ana- Los Saicos (Wild Teen Punk From Peru)
5. Marina's Vampire- Clorox Girls (Demos, Rarities, and Early Singles)
6. Highly Evolved- Brilliant Colors (Highly Evolved 7")
7. You Never Notice Me- The Garlands (The Garlands EP)
8. R.P.M.- Sonic Surf City (On the Beach EP)
9. Chains (The Cookies)- The Delmonas (Dangerous Charms)
10. Baby Baby- The Vibrators (Baby Baby 7")
11. I'm Trash- The Trashwomen (Spend the Night with the Trashwomen)
12. Panty Exchange- Butts (Butts EP)
13. Burn Your Riches- Girls In the Eighties (Teenage Royalty)
14. Surfin' Coffin- Japanther (Rock 'N Roll Ice Cream)
15. Hots for Teacher- Coasting (Hots for Teacher/Coasting 7")
16. After Dark- Flowers (Confessions/"Life" After Dark 7")
17. Normal Never Happened- Broken Water (Normal Never Happened 7")
18. Oh Modern Girls- The Art Museums (Rough Frame)
19. To Love Somebody (Bee Gees)- Dara Puspita (a Go GO...)
20. Talia- Velvet Davenport (Happy Ending)
21. Sanity- Slow Animal (Slow Animal EP)
22. Feels So Good- FLIGHT (Feels So Good 7")
23. The Last Thing On My Mind- Bare Wires (Seeking Love)
24. Everything & More- The Dolly Mixture (Everything & More 7")
25. Springstung- Sweet Bulbs (CYBERGAZE)
26. Coffin- For Ex-Lovers Only (For Ex-Lovers Only)
27. Hollow Hollow Eyes- Crocodiles (Graffiti Island/PENS/Crocodiles/Dum Dum Girls split 7")
28. How Pretty Can You Get?-The Shangri-Las (1964-1966: Myrmidons of Melodrama)
29. The Model (Kraftwerk)- Big Black (Songs About Fucking)
30. Bored Housewives- Androids of MU (Blood Robots)
31. DeBbie HaRrry- Family Fodder (Savoir Faire)
32. Flying Saucer Attack- The Rezillos
33. The Fourth Dimension- The Ventures (Ventures in Space)
34. Simpler Times- Jeans Wilder
35. Holy Ghost- Dead Ghosts (Holy Ghost 7")
36. Shalalalalove- Sonic Chicken 4 (Sonic Chicken 4)
37. Come Dance With Me- The Fresh and Onlys (Imaginary Friends 7")
38. Ode to Booker T- Young Marble Giants (Colossal Youth)
39. Germ Free Adolescents- X-Ray Spex (Peel Sessions)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Milk 'N Cookies// The Exploding Hearts


Milk 'N Cookies are a band from the New York scene of the 70's that played in the shadows of bands like the Ramones and Talking Heads at CBGB's and Max's. Caught somewhere along the lines of proto-punk post-glam pre-twee, Milk 'N Cookies are coated in bubblegum and excess.

I dare you not to like this song.

"Tinkertoy Tomorrow"

Check out their sole LP, recorded in '75 but released in '77, HERE!


the exploding hearts!

A power pop/punk band formed in 2001 in Portland. In fact, they are one of the best punk bands I've heard post-original wave. Undeniably retro in approach, they wear their influences (along with their hearts?) on their sleeve(s)... but they manage to sound fresh even while recycling the past. Every song on their album Guitar Romantic is incredibly well-constructed and catchy... it's just begging for you to sing-a-long. Tragically, three out of four members of the band were killed in a van crash on July 19, 2003, after the driver fell asleep at the wheel. A short end to a promising young band, but they left us one album- which you can obtain here .

Here is a memorial video with the track "I'm A Pretender," my personal favorite from the album:

"just won't cry cause my life's goin' by
i'll find someone before the day i die

Back!// Psychedelic Unknowns Vol. 2

For real, this time.

Lately I've been exploring the roots of pop and garage music- I found this great volume of a collection of rare psychedelic/garage tracks..

Tracks lost over the years, but unearthed here for your listening pleasure!

Calico Records, 1979

01. The Starfires - I Never Loved Her
02. The Kings Ransom - Shame
03. The Caretakers Of Deception - X + Y = 13
04. The Jury - Who Dat?
05. First Crew To The Moon - Spend Your Life
06. We The People - In The Past
07. The Painted Ship - Frustration
08. The Squires - Going All The Way
09. The Front Line - Got Love
10. The Nobles - Something Else
11. Yesterday's Children - To Be Or Not To Be
12. Dave Diamond & The Higher Elevation - The Diamond Mine

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

COOL IT NOW // twin sister


just cool it down stay in controooool!

This track, originally from New Edition in the year 1984, is quickly becoming one of my favorites.. it is the 80's boy band majesty of "Cool it Now" from a younger Bobby Brown and co.

VEGA is Alan Palomo, one half of the duo you may be familiar with called Neon Indian. He remixed this song. RESULT IS LIKE WHOA.

Thanks to the guys at Butter Team, you can download the remix here (right click, save as). AND ALSO the original (mediafire), which is very important as well. And if you're super stoked on the song (and you should be), you can listen to/download an extended (and superior) version of the original here. (right click, save as)


TWIN SISTER is one of my favorite new discoveries. They are a band from Brooklyn hitting the blog circuit pretty hard and on the cusp of a summer tour with Bear in Heaven. Their album "Color Your Life" isn't officially released until May 25th on Infinite Best, but they posted it on their website for free for two weeks a while back. They've also released an EP, "Vampires with Dreaming Kids" in November 2008.

Anyway, here is the album Color Your Life and the EP Vampires with Dreaming Kids, fooor free.


They have other gems and random downloads in blog form at their website if you are intrigued and want to hear more from them.

Here is the video for "All Around and Away We Go" from Color Your Life, a track I have definitely had on repeat the past few weeks- also, this video is pretty and worth a watch.

Get ready for this band to explode, for real.


Sunday, March 21, 2010

eternal summers// SAFE AT HOME

their profile says they are "hailing from heaven", and i'd say i might have to agree. eternal summers are actually from roanoke, VA, and while i strongly recommend everything i have heard released from this emerging band, the track "safe at home" makes me feel safe at home in a jangly blend of beach pop perfection. listen up kiddos.

download the ep here!

rainbow bridge// BIG WAVE RIDER

rainbow bridge, an act apparently hailing locally from olympia/portland, have released this track, "big wave rider" on true panther sounds. this track creeps up on you, ebbs and flows and creeps until it careens into an easy explosion of nostalgic surf music, with such a fresh garage sound. i'm addicted to this track, it's a beach slacker anthem for all.

you can check out the official video for the track (which is just basically some people surfing, but i feel like that's kinda appropriate)

if you enjoy the track, you can download it here.

Friday, February 26, 2010

my bloody valentine// ECSTASY & WINE

download here.

swirly jangle pop from the masters of shoegaze, personally my favorite MBV album. important.