Saturday, November 13, 2010

Gyrate, plus.

If I do one more show with something going horribly wrong, I might explode. The music, at least, this time, went smoothly. But, I was using the wrong mic-- it was my fault, but I really hope that next time will be free of jarring difficulties. I would reaaally like to have one successful show this quarter. I would recommend at least listening for the ultra-rad tunes, yeaaaah! rainydawg radio.

1. Cool- Pylon (Gyrate Plus)
2. Where's the Boy For Me?- The Revillos (Rev Up)
3. Fa Ce-La- The Feelies (Crazy Rhythms)
4. Toutes Les Nuits- Les Calamites (Toutes Les Nuits 7")
5. Marie France- La Souris Deglinguee
6. Chains- The Cookies (The Complete Cookies)
7. Love Grows (Where My Rosemary Grows)- The Siddeleys (Alvin Lives: Live in Leeds)
8. You're Gonna Miss Me (13th Floor Elevators)- Tom Thumb (Wild Things: Wyld Kiwi Garage 1966-1969)
9. Tookie Tookie- Telegraph Avenue (Back to Peru)
10. Fucked On Ketamine- Demon's Claws (Fucked On Ketamine 7")
11. The Ghost with the Most- The Almighty Defenders (The Almighty Defenders)
12. Do You Wanna Be My Girl?- The Unwed Teenage Mothers (Blonde Girls)
13. Harder Than It's Ever Been- Fergus & Geronimo (Harder Than It's Ever Been 7")
14. Christians Drive Like Shit- John Wesley Coleman (Bad Lady Goes to Jail)
15. I Said- Moonhearts (Moonhearts)
16. The World Is A Drag- The Intelligence (Boredom and Terror)
17. You Are A Drag- Matt K. Shrugg (Gone Ashtray)
18. I Wanna Sleep In Your Arms- The Modern Lovers (The Modern Lovers)
19. Johnny- Suicide (Suicide: The First Album)
20. 5 8 6 (edit)- New Order (Power, Corruption, and Lies)
21. Me Untamed- Beat Happening (Dreamy)
22. Thee Only One- Frankie Rose (Thee Only One)
23. Teenage Death Song- The Sunday Reeds (Drowning In History)
24. Desert Kisses- Siouxsie and the Banshees (Kaleidoscope)
25. The Code of Life- Y Pants (Beat It Down)
26. Night Comes Down- Wetdog (Frauhaus!)
27. Chronic Alkie- Wilma & the Wilburs (Chronic Alkie 7")
28. Oblivion- Oblivions (Oblivions/Andre Ethier 7")
29. Clubnite- Teddy and the Frat Girls (I Wanna Be A Man 12")
30. Go Away Girl- Urinals (Negative Capability... Check It Out!)
31. Cadets- Trash Kit (Trash Kit)
32. Shut the Fuck Up- The Coathangers (The Coathangers)
33. Untitled- Sex Hair (Live @ The Hoot House 11/11/10)
34. Untitled- Pony Time (Live @ The Hoot House 11/11/10)
35. Black Engineer- Read (Read)
36. Pop Loser- Velocity Girl (Copacetic)
37. Beachy Head- Veronica Falls (Beachy Head 7")
38. China Blue- Girls At Our Best! (Pleasure)
39. Snakes Crawl- Bush Tetras (Boom In the Night)

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