Saturday, April 30, 2011

hand in glove

the banshee beat this week: "regrets" with an emphasis on body.

listen here then here.

1. Legs- PJ Harvey (Rid of Me)
2. You Can't Put Your Arms Round A Memory- Johnny Thunders (Hurt Me)
3. Berkeley Farms- Blowdriers
4. Putty In Your Hands- The Shirelles (Baby It's You)
5. Hot & Bothered- Loli & the Chones (P.S. We Hate You)
6. Omae Ga Hoshii (One More Time)- Sheena & the Rokkets
7. No Regrets- King Khan & the Shrines (What Is?!)
8. Guilt and Regret- Gun Outfit (Dim Light)
9. A Thousand Regrets- Meth Teeth (Everything Went Wrong)
10. Things You've Never Done- The Manhattan Love Suicides (The Manhattan Love Suicides)
11. Cease to Be- The Mayfair Set (Young One)
12. Wishing Well- The Shangri-Las (Myrmidons of Melodrama: 1964-1966)
13. All That Ever Mattered- The Shop Assistants (Will Anything Happen)
14. Leave All Your Old Loves- The She-Brews (Leave All Your Old Loves/ Scottish Rite Temple Stomp 7")
15. I'll Let You Hold My Hand- The Bootles (Girls in the Garage, Vol. 1)
16. Radio France- Solid Space (Space Museum)
17. Love und Romance- The Slits (Cut)
18. Warm- Family Fodder (Warm 7")
19. Hairwaves- MARS (No New York)
20. I Love Her All the Time- Sonic Youth (Bad Moon Rising)
21. Supernaut- 1000 Homo DJs (Supernaut 12"/Suck NIN bootleg)
22. I Just Threw Out the Love of My Dreams- Weezer (Pinkerton: Reissue)
23. I Held Her In My Arms- The Violent Femmes (The Blind Leading the Naked)
24. The Love We Could've Had- Rocketship (Singles 1993-96)
25. Everyday Eyes- Razorcuts (R Is For... Razorcuts)
26. I Have Known Love- Silver Apples (Contact)
27. Blackberry Song- Kurt Vile (Childish Prodigy)
28. Cry For A Shadow- Beat Happening (Dreamy)
29. The World Turned Day-Glo- X-Ray Spex (Germfree Adolescents)
30. Waving My Arms- The Birthday Party (The Birthday Party)
31. Hands of Love- Wall of Voodoo (Call of the West)
32. Warm Moving Bodies- The Units (History of the Units)

Thursday, April 28, 2011

seconds too late

cabaret voltaire/ "seconds too late" 7"/ rough trade/ 1980:

i feel about as weird as this right now, just so you know.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

R.I.P. Poly Styrene

one of my favorite female punk vocalists & personal musical idols, poly styrene, has died.


"germfree adolescents" on "top of the pops":

"oh bondage up yours":


"warrior in woolworths" on the "old grey whistle test":

all from (one of) the (best punk) album(s) (of all time) "germfree adolescents"

Monday, April 25, 2011


suburban lawns/ "janitor" single/ suburban industrial records/ 1980:

Sunday, April 24, 2011

bus stop

the hollies/top of the pops/1966:

Saturday, April 23, 2011

love like anthrax

experience good weather and good moods and good sounds all vicariously through me:

1. All About You- Scars (Author! Author! EP)
2. Here Comes the Grump- Adam Ant (Friend or Foe)
3. I Could Be In Heaven- The Flatmates (Love & Death: 1986-1989)
4. See the Keyhole- Ludus (The Visit)
5. Love Like Anthrax- Gang of Four (Damaged Goods EP)
6. Take Me I'm Yours- Squeeze (Singles: 45's & Under)
7. UFO Dictator- Tampax (Tampax/Hitler SS 7")
8. Schoolgirl Junkie- Screaming Dead (Valley of the Dead 7")
9. Something You Got- Teengenerate (Get Action!)
10. Fuck Books- Times New Viking (Dig Yourself)
11. I Can Destroy All Your Love- Thee Headcoats (The Kids Are All Square)
12. I Could Be Happy- Altered Images (I Could Be Happy 7")
13. Baby It's You- Dolly Mixture (Baby It's You 7")
14. Another Girl- The Beatles (Help!)
15. A Teenager In Love- Dion & the Belmonts (A Teenager in Love 7")
16. Everything That Rises Must Converge- Shriekback (Oil & Gold)
17. So You Want To Go Away Now- The Tourists (Luminous Basement)
18. Sugar- Smashing Orange (Above Ming Gardens)
19. Fantasies- Silver Apples (Contact)
20. Min Dama- Tronics (Love Backed By Force)
21. Grip of Fear- The Blanche Hudson Weekend (The Rats in the Cellar 7")
22. Safe At Home- Eternal Summers
23. Tous Les Garcons et Les Filles- Francoise Hardy (Oh Oh Cheri)
24. Girl on the Run- Honey Bane (You Can Be You 7")
25. Les Armees de la Nuit- Taxi Girl (Seppuku)
26. I Love You Too Much- The Human League (Fascination! EP)
27. Lady Shave- Fad Gadget (Make Room 7")
28. Secrets- Mission of Burma (Vs.)
29. Lazarus- The Boo Radleys (Giant Steps)


Friday, April 22, 2011

les armees de la nuit

taxi-girl/seppuku lp/mankin records/1981:

weirdest music video i've seen in a while, saying a lot.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

(why must i be) a teenager in love

dion & the belmonts/1958/live:

"i wonder why":

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

all about you

scars/author! author! ep/stiff records/1981:

original promotional video:


Saturday, April 16, 2011

zoo-music girl

the banshee beat overcomes adversity here and here.

1. Ring of Fire- Wall of Voodoo (Ring of Fire/Morricone Themes 12")
2. I Like Boys- Missing Persons (I Like Boys EP)
3. The Safety Dance- Men Without Hats (The Safety Dance 7")
4. Glad All Over- The Rezillos (Can't Stand the Rezillos)
5. Author Author!- Scars (Author Author! EP)
6. Fujiyami Attack- Guitar Wolf (Jet Generation)
7. Zoo-Music Girl- The Birthday Party (Prayers on Fire)
8. Halloween- The Dream Syndicate (I Was A Teenage Zombie Soundtrack)
9. Boy- Moose (Jack EP)
10. Moving- Suede (Suede)
11. Emergency- Family Fodder (Schizophrenia Party EP)
12. Get Out of My Stomach (Song for Ray)- Suzy Saxon & the Anglos (Suzy saxon & the Anglos)
13. Fall In Love With Me- Iggy Pop (Lust for Life)
14. All the Young Dudes- Mott the Hoople (All the Young Dudes 7")
15. Prince Charming- Adam & the Ants (Prince Charming)
16. Shack Up- A Certain Ratio (Shack Up 7")
17. Ringing in the Sane- Ceramic Hello (The Absence of A Canary)
18. Shadows- The Electric Prunes (Psychedelic Disaster Whirl Vol. 2)
19. Ruby- Silver Apples (Contact)
20. Crush on You- Tronics (Love Backed By Force)
21. Butterfly Collector- A.R. Kane (Lollita EP)
22. Hair Shoes- Pale Saints (In Ribbons)
23. The Encounter- The Budget Girls (On A Tight Budget)
24. Heard It All Before- The Death Set (Worldwide)
25. The Meanie Way- The Meanies (The Meanies 7")
26. Adolescent Wet Dream- Pussy Galore (Live: In the Red)
27. Repeater- Fugazi (Repeater)
28. We Had Love- The Scientists (Blood Red River)
29. Why Are We Here- MX-80 Sound (Crowd Control)
30. Waving Hands- Absolute Body Control (Absolute Body Control)
31. Sun Flight- Silicon Teens (Music for Parties)

Saturday, April 9, 2011

love backed by force

this week the banshee beat fukked you.
i hope it is as good for you-- as it was for me.

1. Sex (I'm A...)- Berlin (Pleasure Victim EP)
2. Dinosaur Sex- Family Fodder (Schizophrenia Party EP)
3. Sex Head- The Pooh Sticks (Multiple Orgasm)
4. Turning Japanese- The Vapors (Turning Japanese 7")
5. Hey Lover Boy- The Vernons Girls (We Love the Vernons Girls)
6. Get Up (I Feel Like Being A) Sex Machine- The Flying Lizards (Top Ten)
7. Too Drunk To Fuck- Dead Kennedys (Give Me Convenience or Death)
8. Sex- Urinals (Negative Capability... Check It Out!)
9. All Sexed Up- 100 Flowers (100 Years of Pulchritude)
10. You Taste Like the Tropics- Bush Tetras (Boom In the Night)
11. Teenage Enema Nurses in Bondage- Killer Pussy (Bikini Wax)
12. Fucking In Rhythm and Sorrow- The Sugarcubes (Life's Too Good)
13. Gut Feeling (Slap Your Mammy)- Devo (Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are Devo!)
14. I'm Gonna Love You Too- Blondie (Parallel Lines)
15. Orgasm Addict- Buzzcocks (Orgasm Addict 7")
16. Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll- Ian Dury & the Blockheads (Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll 7")
17. Sex Drive- The Embarrassment (Sex Drive 7")
18. Sexy Boy (Radio Edit)- Air (Sexy Boy EP)
19. Terminus- Absolute Body Control (Figures EP)
20. Maximum Sexual Joy- Glaxo Babies (Nine Months to Disco)
21. Sex-Eye-Make-Up- The Glove (Blue Sunshine)
22. You Turn Me On- Beat Happening (You Turn Me On)
23. I Like Fucking- Bikini Kill (I Like Fucking 7")
24. Fuck Kitty- The Frumpies (Frumpie One-Piece)
25. Goddess of Love- The Marvelettes (Playboy)
26. She's A Lover- The Pretty Things (Parachute)
27. Boys, Boys, Boys- Nikki and the Corvettes (Nikki and the Corvettes)
28. I Just Wanna Make Love to You- Thee Mighty Caesars (Caesars Remains)
29. Too Drunk To Jerk Off- The Trashies (What Makes A Man Get Trashed)
30. Tired of Sex (Tracking Rough)- Weezer (Pinkerton: reissue)

Thursday, April 7, 2011

shack up

this week's episode of the banshee beat will be real sexy sexier than this video i tell ya--

a certain ratio/shack up 7"/factory benelux records/1980:

Sunday, April 3, 2011

destination venus

back 4 spring: the banshee beat live saturdays 2-4 pm at listen here and here.

1. Destination Venus- The Rezillos (Destination Venus 7")
2. Baby- Iggy Pop (The Idiot)
3. Sound Alarm- Polyrock (Polyrock)
4. Africa Express- Dalek I Love You (Dalek I Love You)
5. Burning Down the House- Talking Heads (Speaking In Tongues)
6. 1989- Spizzoil (6000 Crazy 7")
7. You're A Rebel- Metropak (You're A Rebel 7")
8. Futurama- Metal Urbain (Anarchy In Paris!)
9. Wardance- Killing Joke (Wardance 7")
10. This Many Boyfriends Club- Whorl (Fortune Cookie Prize: A Tribute to Beat Happening)
11. Skeletons- Inflatable Boy Clams (Inflatable Boy Clams EP)
12. Sweaters- Laurie Anderson (Big Science)
13. Flower- Sonic Youth (Bad Moon Rising)
14. Her Jazz- Huggy Bear (Taking the Rough with the Smooch)
15. I Don't Want to Have to Break Your Face- Talulah Gosh (Peel Session 11.1.88)
16. Insects- Altered Images (I Could Be Happy 7")
17. Warm Girls- Girls At Our Best (Getting Nowhere Fast 7")
18. Totally Wired- The Fall (Totally Wired 7")
19. The Upstairs Room- The Cure (The Walk 12")
20. Turnaround- Devo (Whip It 7")
21. Enola Gay- Orhestral Manoeuvres in the Dark (Enola Gay 7")
22. Europa and the Pirate Twins- Thomas Dolby (The Golden Age of Wireless)
23. Create and Melt- Dalis Car (The Waking Hour)
24. The Things I Miss- My Bloody Valentine (Ecstasy and Wine)
25. Blackmailer- The Shrubs (Blackmailer 12")
26. Lake of Fire- Meat Puppets (Meat Puppets II)
27. Panties Please- Bogshed (Let Them Eat Bogshed 12")
28. Helicopter Honeymoon- Scrotum Poles (Revelation EP)
29. My Favorite Dress- The Wedding Present (George Best)
30. Firestation Towers- Close Lobsters (NME C86)
31. Disco Pope- The Prats (1990's Pop EP)
32. Sargasso- Big Flame (Rigour)
33. Don't You Want Me- The Human League (Don't You Want Me 7")

just to be clear, i think this cover sucks. the video, however, is something else: