Saturday, December 4, 2010

soft as snow (but warm inside)

Hi guys!

Today's show explored the theme of decomposition... in reference to processes of weathering (ie. snow/rain/ice/melting) and in the broader sense of the word. (what does this mean? listen to find out!) Nostalgia (though this is inherently a weekly theme by virtue of the content of my show) was also very crucial this week, and I played bands that I have personal nostalgic value for (ie. The Gerbils, Electrelane) and songs that had nostalgia for subject matter or was sonically represented (ie. "Say Hello, Wave Goodbye", "Cowboy", "All Day Long").

You can catch my show from 2-4 PM live or stream the previous week's show anytime at the rainydawg radio website!

(Bear with the stream for the first few minutes...)

explore erosion:

1. Cowboy- The Units (History of the Units: The Early Years 1977-1983)
2. Super Tap- Japanther (Dump the Body In Rikki Lake)
3. Soft As Snow (But Warm Inside)- My Bloody Valentine (Isn't Anything)
4. Let It Melt- The Mayfair Set (Young One)
5. Thirsty Again- Grass Widow (Grass Widow EP)
6. Winter Seems Fine- Dolly Mixture (Demonstration Tapes)
7. Warm Hands, Cold Heart- Girls Names (Girls Names EP)
8. Cold Hands- Pants Yell! (Received Pronunciation)
9. Cold Heart- The Jasmine Minks (Cold Heart 7")
10. Long Cold Lonely Night- The Yolks (The Yolks)
11. Block of Ice- Thee Oh Sees (The Master's Bedroom Is Worth Spending A Night In)
12. Ice Drummer- Alan Vega (Jukebox Babe/Collision Drive)
13. Cold- The Cure (Pornography)
14. Living In the Ice Age- Warsaw (Warsaw)
15. Warm Moving Bodies- The Units (History of the Units: The Early Years 1977-1983)
16. So Young But So Cold- Kas Product (So Young But So Cold: Underground French Music 1977-1983)
17. Winter '94- Henry's Dress (Bust 'Em Green)
18. Fluid- The Gerbils (Are You Sleepy?)
19. Frustration- Family Fodder (Coral 7")
20. No Hope- The Vaselines (The Way of the Vaselines)
21. Void- The Raincoats (The Raincoats)
22. Snowgirl- The Pop Group (Y)
23. All Day Long (Long Version)- Shop Assistants (Will Anything Happen?)
24. Drown- Black Tambourine (Black Tambourine)
25. Cut and Run- Electrelane (No Shouts, No Calls)
26. Say Hello, Wave Goodbye (12" version) (edit)- Soft Cell (Say Hello, Wave Goodbye 12")
27. Nothing's Changed- The Zombies (Absolutely the Best)
28. The Love We Could've Had- Rocketship (Singles 1993-96)
29. Atlantis- Box Elders (Alice & Friends)
30. Tous Les Garcons et Les Filles- Francoise Hardy (The Vogue Years)

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