Saturday, May 28, 2011

it's kinda funny

the very last episode of the banshee beat graced the internet's airwaves today--
you can catch it here & here.

1. How Pretty Can You Get?- The Shangri-Las (Myrmidons of Melodrama: 1964-66)
2. I Heard It Through the Grapevine- The Slits (Cut)
3. Feels Like Snakes Twisting Through the Fog- LiLiPUT (LiLiPUT)
4. Girl on the Run- Honey Bane (You Can Be You 7")
5. Warm Girls- Girls At Our Best! (Pleasure)
6. See the Keyhole- Ludus (Riding the Rag)
8. Warm- Family Fodder (Warm 7")
9. Moth- Visitors (Electric Heat 7")
10. Silicon Carne- The Monochrome Set (He's Frank [Slight Return] 7"}
11. Love At First Sight (Demo Version)- The Gist (Love At First Sight 7")
12. Lee Remick- The Go-Betweens (Lee Remick 7")
13. White Mice- The Mo-Dettes (White Mice 7")
14. Black Hole- Urinals (Negativity Capability... Check It Out!!)
15. Wot!- Captain Sensible (Wot! 7")
16. Dance This Mess Around- B-52's (B-52's)
17. Damaged Goods- Gang of Four (Damaged Goods EP)
18. Blonde Redhead- DNA (A Taste of DNA)
19. Baby's On Fire- Absolute Body Control (Absolute Body Control)
20. 5 8 6- New Order (Power, Corruption, and Lies)
21. Enola Gay- Orchestral Manouevres in the Dark (Enola Gay 7")
22. He's So Fine- The Chiffons (He's So Fine 7")
23. I Could Be Happy- Altered Images (I Could Be Happy 7")
24. Chains- The Cookies (Chains 7")
25. Cool- Pylon (Gyrate)
26. Into the Groov(e)y- Ciccone Youth (Into the Groov(e)y/ Burnin' Up 7")
27. I Wanna Sleep In Your Arms- The Modern Lovers (The Modern Lovers)
28. Cheree- Suicide (Suicide: The First Album)
29. Sci-Fi Guy- Strawberry Story (Sci-Fi Guy 7")
30. Boy- Kyah!(Slapdash 7")
31. Wacky Acky I Aye- The Donkeys (Television Anarchy)
32. Janitor- Suburban Lawns (Suburban Lawns)
33. Kooks- David Bowie (Hunky Dory)


i may continue to cross-post onto this blog from my new tumblr, but more than likely (due to lack of technological savvy), this blog is dead. :'( you should check out my radio show "the secret meaning of things" at hollow earth radio fridays 1-3 pm !

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