Saturday, February 5, 2011

the world is a drag

the banshee beat #12:

listen under "saturday 2-4" at rainy dawg radio

1. Be Stiff (Stiff Version)- DEVO (Be Stiff EP)
2. Navvy- Pere Ubu (Dub Housing)
3. Rom Pack- Caballo Tripode (Horror Vaccui)
4. That's Your Way Out- The Pandoras (Stop Pretending)
5. You Don't Love Me- Black Time (Ty Segall/Black Time Split 12")
6. Baby Doll- Teenage Jesus & the Jerks (Everything)
7. Eget Liv- Extrem Exem (Eget Liv 7")
8. Godzilla- Mother's Ruin (Godzilla EP)
9. Violence Grows- Fatal Microbes (Violence Grows EP)
10. Soldiers of A Pure War- Mydolls (Cottage Cheese From the Lips of Death)
11. On the Seventh Day- Fat Tulips (Take Me Back to Heaven 7")
12. Lee Remick- The Go-Betweens (Lee Remick 7")
13. Silly- Go Sailor (Go Sailor)
14. We've Got History- Pants Yell! (Recent Drama)
15. Armchair Observer- Hagar the Womb (Funnery In A Nunnery)
16. The Beat (sorta)- ESG (Come Away With ESG)
17. I Wanna Be A Man- Teddy and the Frat Girls (I Wanna Be A Man EP)
18. The Once Over Twice- X (Wild Gift)
19. I Am A Cliche- X-Ray Spex (Germfree Adolescents)
20. Cum On Baby- The Trashwomen (Spend the Night With... The Trashwomen)
21. The World Is A Drag- The Intelligence (Boredom and Terror)
22. Strychnine- The Sonics (Here Are the Sonics)
23. Davey Crockett- Thee Headcoatees (Sisters of Suave)
24. Nothing's Changed- The Zombies (Absolutely the Best)
25. Crying Shame- The Blanche Hudson Weekend (The Letters to Daddy EP)
26. I Can't Stay- Vivian Girls (I Can't Stay 7")
27. In the Beginning- Eternal Summers (Eternal Summers EP)
28. Music Is A Better Noise- Essential Logic (Music Is A Better Noise 7")
29. I Cry- Pink Military (Blood & Lipstick 12")
30. Drive-In Saturday- David Bowie (Aladdin Sane)
31. Hong Kong Garden- Siouxsie and the Banshees (Hong Kong Garden 7")
32. Bikini Wax- Killer Pussy (Bikini Wax)
33. Jack Kerouac- Gang 90 (The Sexual Life of the Savages: Underground Post-Punk from Sao Paulo, Brasil)
34. Raised Eyebrows- The Feelies (Crazy Rhythms)

a prettier, less devastating lp version of "i cry":

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