Thursday, November 5, 2009

shake ya ass, watch yaself

i'm back to updating this blog and making it all musiclicious for you all. that line was meant to get your attention, i hope it was successful.

So first I'd like to begin by saying that if you are at all into Ian Curtis, post-punk, electro, post-punk influenced electro and otherwise, there is a band I discovered the other day FOR YOU!


Okay, one of their singers [they have several females ones which channel bands along the likes of Broadcast, Beach House, Ladytron etc] sounds JUST like Ian Curtis. It's kind of eerie. Their new album "Love Comes Close" is pretty good, some of their songs ["Cebe and Me", "Life Magazine"] get me super excited about them, but others on the album, not as great. Sometimes they get too wrapped into their icy electro glaze of hipness and mystery and chant things like "we miss the disco lights, it's all pleather now?, a synthetic world without end, sheds a tear, of plastic deception" from a song "Youth and Lust"- a song title which is a little high on the vomit-o-meter as well.

Not entirely sure if the pleather line is correct because I can't find the lyrics online, but still, you get the idea. Most of the songs on the album, take that icy attitude and turn it into post-punk electro bliss. Yes!

OH but Caralee McElroy, formerly of Xiu Xiu [!] is involved with this band, so that kind of means they can say whatever shit they want and still be pretty fucking cool.

Anyway, visit their LAST.FM here.
Also, here's a video!

ps look at this fucking album cover.

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