Monday, November 23, 2009

the kitten parade.

hello (possibly existent) blog readers,

i must take an entry for shameless self-promotion purposes, and tell you about my awesome radio show!

i've been devoting a lot of energy to it lately, and i want YOU! to listen to it.
it's 2 hours of my latest musical endeavors all in one convenient stream, plus you get the addition of me awkwardly talking between breaks. so! go to and on the left hand side of the page, there is a place where you can listen to the archive of my show any time [live stream is monday 9-11 am]. so just in case you're too busy being a sleepyhead, you can listen to my most recent show any time. AWESOME, right?!

i put a kind of ridiculous amount of effort into building kickass playlists for this show, so you should check it out.

okay, done with self-promotion, but here's my most recent tracklist so you can get a feel of the kind of stuff you might hear.

harmonix-surfer blood
the void-ganglians
life form (transmission received)-major organ and the adding machine
kelly brown-the earlies
where did our love go?-soft cell
never let it go-dolly mixture
new york city-cub
i told you so-talulah gosh
what a way to die-shop assistants
sci-fi guy-strawberry story
snakes got a leg III-sunset rubdown
the pelican-menomena
bad lover-small black
beach comber-real estate
too little too late (jojo cover)-daniel rossen
puzzle pieces-tiger trap
make out fall out make up-love is all
i was wrong-black tambourine
get yourself together-henry's dress
short sleeves at night-brilliant colors
you lose-CaUSE Co-MOTION!
to the dregs-wavves
local joke-neon indian
sheila-atlas sound
missing the light of the day-air
cebe and me-cold cave
rough steez-fuck buttons
the sun is my girl-candy claws
some things last a long time-beach house
graze-animal collective

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