Saturday, January 8, 2011

so far, so real

A new year, a new quarter of my radio show, THE BANSHEE BEAT. Catch it live Saturdays 2-4 PM and anytime at the website for Rainy Dawg Radio. Here's the playlist for this week!

1. So Far So Real- Gray (Downtown 81 Soundtrack)
2. Gut Feeling (Slap Your Mammy)- DEVO (Q: Are We Not Men? A: We are Devo!)
3. Green Light- Sonic Youth (Evol)
4. Damaged Goods- Gang of Four (Damaged Goods EP)
5. Copy- Plastics (Copy 7")
6. Contort Yourself (First Version)- James White and the Blacks (Off White)
7. Dance This Mess Around- The B-52's (The B-52s)
8. Blood & Lipstick- Pink Military (Blood & Lipstick 7")
9. La Truita- Aias (A La Piscina)
10. What the Water Gave Me- Cub (Betti-Cola)
11. Motorcycle Boy- Courtney Love (Uncrushworthy 7")
12. Soon- Rhythm of Life (Soon 7")
13. Animal Crackers- Kid Creole and the Coconuts (Fresh Fruit In Foreign Places)
14. Tell Me- The Termites (Girls In the Garage Vol. 1)
15. Upside Down- The Jesus & Mary Chain (Upside Down 7")
16. This Sex- Kicking Giant (International Pop Underground Convention)
17. The Politics of Time- Minutemen (Double Nickels On the Dime)
18. Daddy Is My Pusher- TITS (Daddy Is My Pusher 7")
19. Tenth Planet- Solid Space (Space Museum)
20. Michael Who Walks By Night- Strawberry Switchblade (Let Her Go 7")
21. Baby's On Fire- Absolute Body Control (Absolute Body Control)
22. Way Out of Living- Linear Movement (Minimal Wave Tapes Vol. 1)
23. New Machine- Tuxedomoon (Desire EP)
24. Crib Death- Dark Day (Exterminating Angel)
25. Codex- Pere Ubu (Dub Housing)
26. They Don't Call Them Chihuahuas Anymore- Shadowy Men on A Shadowy Planet (International Pop Underground Convention)
27. Stumble- R.E.M. (Chronic Town EP)
28. Mystery Science Theatre 3000 Love Theme- Man or Astroman? (Destroy All Astromen!!)
29. My Cherry Is In Sherry- Ludus (The Visit EP)
30. Sarah- Ween (Pure Guava)
31. Main Man- T.Rex (The Slider)

Fun fact: I am going to start dressing like this.

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