Saturday, January 15, 2011

arc of a journey

Today on THE BANSHEE BEAT I had a very special agenda. My goal was to emotionally manipulate the listener from feelings of intense anger/rage/sadness to happiness eventually and to experience everything in between. Remember the live broadcast (RIP TRISH) is Saturdays 2-4 PM, but you can listen to the stream anytime at the website for Rainy Dawg Radio.

1. Confusion Is Next- Sonic Youth (Confusion Is Sex)
2. Baby Plays For Pritty- The Frumpies (Frumpie One-Piece)
3. I'm A Bug- Urinals (Negative Capability... Check It Out!)
4. Elimidate- Coughs (Fright Makes Right)
5. Richard- Mecca Normal (Calico Kills the Cat)
6. I Owe It To the Girls- Teddy and the Frat Girls (I Wanna Be A Man 12")
7. Nothing Special- Big In Japan (From Y To Z and Never Again)
8. O Superman (For Massenet)- Laurie Anderson (Big Science)
9. Mechanical Flattery- Lydia Lunch (Queen of Siam)
10. Platinumb- Free Kitten (Unboxed)
11. Lunar Camel- Siouxsie and the Banshees (Kaleidoscope)
12. Trees Fall- Wetdog (Frauhaus!)
13. In A Hole- Miss Alex White and the Red Orchestra (Miss Alex White and the Red Orchestra)
14. Into the Groovy- Ciccone Youth (Ciccone Youth 7")
15. Like A Succession 2- End of Data (Sahrah)
16. Just Because- Martin Dupont (Just Because)
17. We're Desperate- X (Wild Gift)
18. Teenage Kicks- The Undertones (Teenage Kicks 7")
19. Crazy Rhythms- The Feelies (Crazy Rhythms)
20. Germfree Adolescents- X-Ray Spex (Germfree Adolescents)
21. Film Music- Family Fodder (Film Music 7")
22. (You're My) Radio One- Henry's Dress (Henry's Dress 10")
23. Teenage Animals- Heavy Times (Fast Night EP)
24. Must Be Dreaming- Reading Rainbow (Prism Eyes)
25. Girls FM- Happy Birthday (Happy Birthday)
26. That's My Man- The Unwed Teenage Mothers (Blonde Girls)
27. Mystic Lady- T. Rex (The Slider)
28. Subject to the Ladder- Broadcast (Tender Buttons)
29. Vienna- Ultravox (Vienna)
30. Sufferin'- UB40 (Red Red Wine 7")
31. Cool It Now (Extended)- New Edition (Cool It Now 12")

Today's show is in memory of Trish Keenan, the vocalist from electro/dream pop/psych band Broadcast.




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