Friday, December 4, 2009

LOVE IS ALL //the coathangers

love is all is one of my favorite discoveries this year, they pack in lots of energy and punk flair in a swedish pop sort of way.

this is the song "make out fall out make up"- literally one of my favorite songs ever. i don't know about this video, but the song is so excellent!

this is a live set on a street somewhere in oslo, but it's awesome! i love this song, but can you say tally ho by the clean? oh well, i still love them! the recorded version, from their second album, a hundred things keep me up at night, is better than this one, though!

and lastly, i have a video from the coathangers for "stop, stomp, stompin'" from their album "scramble". basically my goal right now in life is for my grrrl band to be a success and make videos better than this.. though the coathangers are pretty sweet.

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