Thursday, December 17, 2009

glam goddess// NOBUNNY LOVES YOU!

i wanna hold your haaaand.. and make ya understaaand
i just want to be your man, ya KNOOOW

okay, i'm obsessed with this band.
they're called the smith westerns, and they're awesome garage pop from chicago. their sound is basically the beach in a blender. they're album, self-titled the smith westerns, is so full of catchiness and BLISS that it makes me want to squeal. ok, may have actually squealed earlier. as a direct reaction to it. but anyway! if you are a fan of surf-influenced music, noise, garage, lo-fi, glam, and 60's pop [people have also called them "glo-fi" and "new weird garage"- i don't know if the latter actually exists, but it's a play off of new weird america]- you need to check them out! actually, it's kind of imperative that you do anyway. but especially if you're into those things.

songs you need to listen to in particular-

and you can listen to them [as well as the rest of the album] here . turn it up LOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUD. because 1. that's the only way you should listen to music. 2. that's the only way you should listen to this music.

and if you're particularly jived about what you hear, you can download the album here!

NOBUNNY. you may want to shield your eyes.


anyway, nobunny is the drummer from the okmoniks & founder of sneaky pinks- justin champlin. he plays lo-fi garage punk with a decidedly 60s style. RESULT?! rocking the fuck out to something that is dance-able and SUPER CATCHY. but you can also rock the fuck out!

so you can see why you should be listening, yeah? YOU CAN LISTEN HERE! start w/"nobunny loves you" & "i am a girlfriend". you can also just download the album here instead!

and while you're listening you can think about how CUTE this picture is!

everyone's a winner.

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