Thursday, February 26, 2009

Oh Oh Oh, the Places We'll Go!

Olympia K Records twee-poppers LAKE have been infiltrating my airwaves today- they're like a cross between Belle & Sebastian and any number of lo-fi bands that rely on harmonies and cutesy melodies, etc. I mean, their album, "Oh, the Places We'll Go" is named after Dr. Seuss! This has to tell you something about the band- they don't exactly play death metal. Apparently, they started out as a Fleetwood Mac cover band with the intention of touring casinos across the Northwest and Alaska.. random! They also apparently set out on a tour of retirement homes and assisted living facilities.. well, that's nice, I suppose? Yay for community service. You can listen to some of their songs on their myspace, right here. Also, I've included some cheery little downloads for you all-

Oh, the Places We'll Go Catchy, adorable intro track.
Blue Ocean Blue Also catchy- there's even handclaps! Singer sounds a bit like any number of female indie vocalists, but not in a bad way. :)
Counting Slightly more "driving" sound, still not exactly hardcore.
Minor Trip The name of this track should say it all. Sort of trippy, but not to an LSD level. Also, it's got flute! Exciting.

So there's my bit on LAKE, up-and-coming cutesy little twees.

And now, I have one more MP3 for you all! It's by a local band called Wild Orchid Children -it's basically the alter ego of Kay Kay and His Weathered Underground [another local band I will get to eventually!]- both bands share common members, but whereas Kay Kay is poppy and indie, with elements of psychedelia.. Wild Orchid Children is just craziness and chaos. Seriously, like, the Beastie Boys + Jimi Hendrix + all sorts of insanity. I mean, look at this picture: Intense. But! This one song I have here is the one on their EP that is completely the utter opposite of that. It's darling and folksy with some genuine blues/americana roots. It's definitely definitely worth a download and listen.

MP3: Wild Orchid Children- Winds Blow

ps Noel Gallagher disses Kings of Leon, The Killers, etc. But he actually does it with class! Go Noel. Always liked you better than Liam. ;)

pss Isn't this adorable? Asthmatic Kitty Records<3

Up-and-coming blogness: Animal Collective review [Already written, just needs some polishing up!], DM Stith, Mirah, Mt. Eerie, and some crazy free jazz! Oh, and Julian Koster is Insane Pt.2. Whooo!

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