Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Nesey Gallons & Desolation Wilderness. [+update]

First, we have Nesey Gallons, an Elephant 6 Collective-r that seems to be so obscure that I can't find a whole lot on him. However! I did stumble on these videos [thanks phil! :)] and I needed to share! Apparently, Nesey has an album completed, "Eyes & Eyes & Eyes Ago"- recorded last winter, but no one has offered to put it out yet! There may be a self-released 7 inch record once funds become available. I hope!! UPDATE: Taken from a blog of Elephant 6 Collective relation, Optical Atlas : "The little films were shot last spring at julian's house in the Calendar Islands. We could only film things indoors or out of windows as the white beard blazes up in direct sunlight, this therefore is the only reason you do not see the sea but we are surrounded by all of it.

For those who speculate or believe that nesey gallons & julian are all the same things, they're not, we have simply been friends for a long lungy time now, and julian was naturally quite pleased to contribute to a love song about the aurora borealis."

It's really depressing, I can't seem to find mp3s of his songs anywhere! I'm going to try to email him and use my radio station magic powers to get something, but we'll see. Until then, I bring you some youtube videos! Note: I do have mp3's of Aurora Borealis and There Won't Be Any Crows, which I will post for download later today.

My favorite, Aurora Borealis
-Note Julian Koster from the Music Tapes [and Neutral Milk Hotel, back in the day] and the saw!

ps. "julian koster wears false beard tofu pumpkin pie gallons 23rd birthday" are the tags for that. brilliant!

There Won't Be Any Crows

My Swan
-love crazy Julian Koster & the orange snowman in this one..

Unfortunately, Mr. Gallons has just about no places on the internet. There is last.fm but he's sort of nonexistent excluding the videos. Keep an eye out, though!


I'm pretty much in love with..
Desolation Wilderness, an Olympia band on dear ol' K Records. They have a lovely, dreamy sound that accompanies any quiet night perfectly. They're nice, even in the day I'm sure, though. I listened to their newest release, White Light Strobing last night and I instantly loved it. It's an album for star-gazing, for sure.

Look, even their picture is dreamy!

You can stream the *whole* album on last.fm here! I particularly recommend Jupiter . Lovely!

They also have myspace where you can hear other songs, see tour information, and all that jazz; their official site is this blog .

Come Over In Your Silver Car

And here's a nice instrumental one with a video of some 60's acid jazzercisers... just kidding about the jazzercise. Sorta.

Turquoise and Gold

Upcoming blog fun: The Music Tapes, geeking out over the new Animal Collective, and shameless exploitation of other Pacific Northwest bands. Get pumped!

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