Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I like Starfucker.

That is the most ridiculous video I have ever seen- really, it sparked an initial wtf with me, too. But! The song is so mellow and catchy I couldn't resist sharing it. Admit it, you love it too.

Also, a little discovery for today, The Leisure Society!
Found them when I was looking for shows in Nottingham [!] next week. Yeah that's right, I'm awesome and going to [!!] England next week. [!!!] Anyway, if you go to their right here, you should listen to "Pancake Day" because it's lovely! I especially like the repeated lines "snoop dog(g?) and dr. dre". It's seeping with lo-fi pop irony.

Oh! You should also visit The Leisure Society's myspace . For reals.

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